Checkout adding an uneditable extra field for VAT

Dear all,

On our e-commerce checkout page, I need your perspective on a checkout issue.
The VAT line, shown after inserting area code and city is correctly calculated BUT it is taking the header text from the “shipping” line.

In Webflow I am not able to edit the VAT line at all and it only shows the Shipping line.

Furthermore, in the inspector, it seems that Webflow is adding an extra field, but it isn’t available in Webflow designer.

I appreciate your feedback on how to Solve this.

I’m looking to have two lines with
VAT - VAT number shown
Shipping costs - shipping price tag

Right now it is only possible to have the same “header text”

Read-only link:

Published link:

Demonstration videoes of the issue:
The issue in the Chrome browser:
The issue showed from Webflow + inspector:

Thanks everyone