Checklist for designing on different platforms

Hey Webflow,

is there a sort of checklis that guides you to everything before you publish your site, when it comes to designing for different devices?

It’s always super easy making the whole site, but a complete dark hole, when it comes, to making the site look great on different devices. This should be easier.

Any tips and tricks?

Sorry, I now read the whole thing :slight_smile:

A guide to make webflow sites look great on mobile and so on?
or just in general, tips for mobile tips and tricks?

@krubens Yeah, though this list is interesting for the rest of the stuff. I am talking about for different devices, which this list just briefly goes into.

Why does it have to be custom, for every site you make? Why aren’t there more standards that we can fall into? Cause this takes an immense amount of my time…

Hmm… Making a site work on mobile in webflow should not take that long. We are talking hours, not days like before.

But what I think you actually wants is a guide in best practise of css styling.

Short story:

  • Use max width and not width. That makes the elements shrink automatically.
  • Use a wrapper of all elements to control the padding going from screen to mobile.
  • Use % based where you can
  • Use the same class name on as many elements as possible. So when you change one, everyone change.

Often, all I have to do going from screen to mobile is to make the menu and sometimes change the footer if it contains a lot of information.
A few changes and the site should be good on mobile.

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@krubens you said, max width and not max width?

For me this has been a big chore, I have used webflow for 2 years and had countless of clients. But it’s a challenge still.

No, use max width and not just width.

But tell me more, what makes it so hard? Is it that you have to go in and change every element?
Can you link to a site you thought that was a lot of work?

For me making a webflow site mobile is one of the last things I do and when I do I use half a day to a day on a medium site. No work at all. But maybe you think that is a lot? :slight_smile:

@krubens How do I use max width?

And yes, I do the same with mobile. And a whole day to me is a lot. Like super a lot, why so much time!!