Checkboxes not working in tab menu

I am having some trouble getting checkboxes to work in a tab menu. They seem to work fine in the tab content, and when I take the same checkbox fields out of the tab menu, but they can’t be checked/unchecked while in the tab menu. This also happens when I started with them checked, they appear checked but could not be unchecked. It seems that the interaction just isn’t working.

I do have a hover animation on and I thought somehow that might be a problem but I took that off and the problem persisted. I also tried with radio buttons and still had no luck. Maybe it’s just something to do with the tab menu?

I just can’t crack it… any help would be appreciated!

Here is the read-only:

Update: I customized the checkboxes and they seem to respond in preview but not on the published site. I’m not sure the implications on that but might be useful.