Checkboxes not showing. Can't map to Hubspot

Heya All,

Has anyone managed to see checkboxes when using “Map Webflow form to Hubspot form” from inside the Hubspot Webflow app? I can’t get the mappings to appear. Normal text fields and Selects are fine. Below is a screenshot of the mappings not appearing in the app and the checkbox group field in Hubspot.

Do the checkboxes need to be grouped somehow in Webflow perhaps?

Any advice or examples would be GREATLY appreciated.

Read Only: Webflow - getsetdesign-xembly

Hi Nic, yeah I’m having the exact same issue and all I’m trying to do is have one simple checkbox for users to choose if they’d like to be added to our newsletter list.

Above it I had a reg plain text form field called ‘Organization’ and weirdly Webflow was assigning the ‘Organization’ attribute to the plain form field above and to the checkbox.

I manually deleted the attribute on the checkbox, so now all fields come through to Hubspot okay, apart from the checkbox one.

Hopefully someone has worked out what might be going on with checkboxes.

Cheers. PAT