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Checkbox required conundrum

I am having difficulty understanding the logic behind the “required” option for a checkbox. As far as I can tell, the “required” option works only on a specific checkbox, but why would there even be a checkbox, which is meant to offer a choice, if it is required to be checked in order to submit the form?

But I am merely curious about that issue. My real question is: We have 8 checkboxes on our form, and if the user doesn’t check at least one checkbox, we will have no idea why they have submitted the form. So, is there a way to force the user to check at least one checkbox?

This will be useful if you do “terms and agreements”

What are the checkboxes representing? There may be a solution to this. :wink::+1:

Ah, yes. Once you point it out, it’s obvious that the “required” option would useful for “terms and agreements”. Should have thought of that myself! Thanks for enlightening me, Vladimir.

But our situation is different. The purpose of our form is to enable users to tell us what topics they would like more information on. There are 8 different topics, and we want to be sure that we send the user only what he/she wants. There are 8 different checkboxes for 8 different info topics, and the user can check to receive info about one or more of the topics. However, if the user doesn’t check ANY box and then submits the email request, we still have no idea what information the user is requesting. So, it would be useful to be able to require at least one box to be checked before sending (similar to the radio button requirement). Any thoughts you may have about how we can do that would be much appreciated. Ciao! Bill

Ciao! Bill


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