Checkbox filter system

Hi guys,

I have a reasonably complicated filter system on my site, that involves checkboxes to filter. I am using the jetboost plugin to do the filtering. But the client has filters within filters - you can see this on the site under the drink page, under cocktails, then spirit on the left hand side filter menu.

the main filters of cocktail then spirit i have had to manually enter them with some code and use triggers etc to get them to dropdown. (I tried accordians, but that didnt seem to work very well) then connect the second tier of filters to each one through a collection with the jet boost filter.

Firstly does anyone know a better way to do this? and secondly, can anyone offer advice as to how to only make the checkboxes clickable, not the words, and how can I add a “uncheck” all button to uncheck everything? I can use jet boosts uncheck all, which works great for those filters using their javascript, but it doesnt work for the checkboxes I have added with code.

I know theres a lot here, so thanks to anyone willing to take a look.

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