Checkbox exported site

Hi everyone! I´m needing some help with a form I´m working on. The only field I´m having trouble is with the checkbox.

I´m trying to send the info to my mail with the following php code:

if ($Checkbox == ‘True’) {
$Checkbox = ‘ON’;
} else {
$Checkbox = ‘OFF’;

I always receive the ‘OFF’ option whether it´s checked or not.
Any ideas?

Webflow sites don’t use PHP at all, and PHP isn’t installed on the servers where your Webflow sites are hosted. So you can’t use PHP in a custom code area on wf unless you export your site and host it on a server that has PHP installed.

Hey Vincent thanks for your reply, Im using the submit button as post to a php (my site is hosted somewhere else) so I can get the information from the form. Which works just fine, the only thing that I´m having trouble is the checkbox that I´m not able to figure out how is that element called inside webflow and there is no option to change the name for the php to recognize it.

Webflow allows to name all other text fields I´m using, so I can write the code for them and receive the information. It´s only the checkbox that I don´t know if there is a default name nor where to change it. :S