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Checkbox email visibility

Hi webflow addicts,

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I am seriously stuck here, got an enrolment for for a beauty training site, the enrolment will have about 60 checkboxes in total, I need to hide the ones that are not checked before sending an email, I would leave them there if the website was not for my wife, but you would understand how annoying that would be day in day out hearing that i failed.

Any help towards this would be so appreciated. I have tried Zapier but I do not think i can do what I am describing here. or can I ?

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This code might help you:

  1. (function() {
  2. $(’ form > input’). keyup(function() {
  3. var empty = false;
  4. $(’ form > input’). each(function() {
  5. if ($(this). val() == ‘’) {
  6. empty = true;
  7. }
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Thanks do I need to replace form with .nameoftheform ? also will this script go into the before the body tag …jquery /java is limited unfortunately …thanks a lot