Check out the interactions on this page

Cool stuff:

Well, that scared me - I was not prepared for any of that! :stuck_out_tongue:

nice and flashy, but totally un-needed and not responsive IMHO. :confused:

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I can understand the concept behind those interactions but the execution lacks on a better UX approach.
With a fresh approach this could become into a beautiful website… At least its what my creative mind is telling me :slight_smile:

@Hywel: Contact them and propose a redesign! :sunglasses:

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Might have been cool in mid-2015, when the page was first seen:

Sometimes I wonder if we designers are the only ones that notice or care about animation and stuff. We’re always pushing for change and maybe the consumer doesn’t even care or notice. Organized data with a purpose is priority number one. It’s so easy to go over board.

The appliance separating into components was a neat touch, to add value to their craftsmanship. I think maybe that could have been a full width component for a washing machine page header rather than a hero, though.

I’m not a fan of 960px width pages unless it uses holy grail format.

I agree. I showed it to my GF who said ‘whatever’ and wandered off…


I had the same experience! Still some cool stuff in it, thanks for sharing.

scrolling this site be like


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