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Hi everyone!

My client is a robotics company. They perform automatic cleaning on exteriors that are very difficult to clean, such as skyscrapers.

Can you give me ideas about design and animations? Do you think there are any places that look good? What can I do better?

Hi Berkay,
I felt hero section looks great in-terms of color selection and layout design.
I do recognise those three stars are clickable, but would look more clear if added some interactions say, slow movements here and there before anyone even hovers on them.
button shadows are heavy a bit and looking un-even. might be because of color blending into background…
Could try moving cloud video in hero section if clients approves…
number 02 in steps card doesn’t show up fully, may consider adding scroll animations to move up on scroll into view.
Some unwanted extra spaces to be eleminated.
Hope these are helpful, cheers

Saicharan Varikuti

Hello Saicharan,
Thank you very much for your time. Your recommendations sound great. I will take them all into consideration.

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