Chatbot added to site but last step gets error

Hi. I’m testing the Chatbot shown here webflow-chat-bot - Webflow

It’s been cloned and it works up till the last stage where the email address is submitted and then fails with an error message Home - with chat bot

The cloned project itself works fine. I have copied the chatbot elements and script from the clone project to the project that I need it in and have made adjustments to the section container that the chatbot is in (height and fixed it to the bottom of the page) and removed the other html elements - I am assuming these changes wouldn’t affect the chatbot function.

Can anybody see what has gone wrong?


Hey hey,

I suspect it’s because some inputs may be set to required, but can’t be focussed by the browser and the custom jquery code still fires the post request. You then get a 500 code from it


I suggest setting these two inputs to not required in their respective settings tab