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Charity Festival Website Built In a Day

Hi Everyone,

I have built a website for a charity festival here in Ireland.

The webflow domain is

Feedback or anything you would change is most welcome!

Thanks for the great tool, it makes building sites quickly much easier



cute site. one thing though. The flashing animation on the homepage seems a bit too much. Maybe go for something more simple? It kind of scared me at first.

Very impressive work for a ONE day build!

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You’re damn awesome. I want to be you.

Cant tell if this is sarcastic or to say thanks?

Sounds like thanks! I second the flashing animation being a little jumpy and scary. I’d make it more subtle, maybe with some fade in and out animations?

Wow, this is great! One quick note - @danro pushed a fix earlier that corrects Google Maps behavior inside of tabs, which your Info page might be affected by. If you unpublish and republish your site, it should work as expected :smile:

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback and telling me about the Map fix. I have republished and the map is working now :smile:

In terms of the flashing animation this is something that the charity wanted in particular. The bold and simple shapes are going to be the core element of branding and tie in to the house music of the event, so i have been asked to keep them. Appreciate the feedback though

Thanks again

@Chris_Reeves your site is simply cute - congrats again!

I like the flash video! like the whole site for that matter! congrats to you

A change of venue and change of theme meant I was asked to re-brand the website over night. Luckily with webflow this is possible.

Checkout the new version:

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