Charging Customers On Webflow


I am trying to charge customers for a service through webflow. The Stripe integration is set up and I upgraded my account to ecommerse. However, when I go to the check out page it looks like the site is only set up for products not services. Is there a way to charge for services through my account?

Not yet, this feature has not been released yet.

@DFink Thanks, what is the best solution in the mean time? I tried foxy, but I am non-technical so it wasn’t a good fit. Are there options out there?

I feel like I’m starting to sound like an Ejunkie sales rep :joy:. But that’s what I’ve been using. Super easy to install and you can sell digital products, downloads, tickets… I’ve only got it set up for digital downloads so I haven’t looked at their other options. It should be pretty straightforward.
DPD (digital product delivery) and sendowl are two other options you could check out. And something called chec ( The first three options are all very easy to set up.

Thanks Sarah! I appreciate the recommendations!

You’re welcome. Let us know if we can help some more

Hello Sarah,

Ejunkie looks quite good, thanks for the info.

For clarity, it looks like it works a bit like Paypal where a Paypal button can be added to a page content etc. Is that correct? So I could use Ejunkie in conjunction with Webflow’s collection system; Webflow to display products and paste Ejunkie code into the collection item and the whole cart process is handled by Ejunkie. Is that also correct?

( I just found this which has answered my question )


@grantsenior you’re welcome! yes, that’s exactly how it works!