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Charging Clients For CMS

I have a project for a client, and I am considering using WebFlow CMS for the site. I am wondering how you guys consider charging your clients for the CMS hosting. Do you mainly charge the flat $10 a month or do you raise in order to make a profit?

If it’s in the client’s budget, why not charge more to turn a small profit? You’re going through the effort of setting it all up, maintaining the CMS side, and billing them, so you shouldn’t feel bad about making money.


Thanks Jordan! That’s the mindset I am having currently.

It varies for me. I like to gauge the clients budget and needs before offering. My goal for every client is to stay on a monthly retainer though. This price will usually include 1-2 hours of monthly maintenance for the site as well as hosting fees. :slight_smile:

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This is helpful. Thanks @Hamilton

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Of course! The best part about setting up multiple retainers is knowing you have a base income every month. This helps tremendously in those months when work is scarce! :slight_smile:

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I believe it @Hamilton ! Awesome advice.

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