Changing the colour of a search field input text from dark grey

Hi Guys,

Can someone tell me how to change the colour of the actual input text of a search input field from the default dark grey to something else? This is only on the mobile views at the end of the nav menu.

NOT the placeholder text, I know how to change this, just the input text. I tried going to the preview screen and inputting some text so I can change the colour, but when I click off the preview screen the input text disappears.

Anyone know how to do this? Read only link below.

Thanks very much

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Parched Around the World

Hi - There is a custom code embed within the search field that has the color set to orange. Open this embed and change the color as required. :grinning:

Hi @leasmith,

@craigb is right, it’s coming from the custom code embed - here’s a screenshot if you’re having trouble finding it: Webflow - Parched Around th...

Thanks @craigb and @mww. I found it. Thanks for the help.

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