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Changing the colors of gradients

Hey there. I’ve seen many people ask this question but haven’t found a solution that works for me. Using Win10 and the Chrome browser.

Tried clicking on both sliders that controls the gradient spread/level and the color picker doesn’t show up. It’s just the default black and white. How do I pick a different color for my gradient?

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A colleague of mine was having the same problem on Chrome/Windows 10. He tried double clicking. Nothing. Triple clicking. Nothing. Eventually he started clicking like crazy, and he’s said it’s worked intermittently since. :confused: Any progress on your end?

Nothing yet. Still struggling. Someone from the Webflow team… please help!!!

@jakerawlins @McGuire Hey guys, any chance you can post your browser information here? Ideally the output of this page would be great:

Hey there. This is it:

Hey @jakerawlins,

Thanks for additional info! :) We’re trying to find out what is the exact environment where this is happening.

Could you send us the screenshot of ENTIRE desktop when this occurs? Including browser bars etc.

Thanks in advance! :)

Any updates on this? Can’t load color picker for gradients on Chromebook.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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