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Changing the choice and value in a form


I have a form with 2 multiple choice questions. The first one I ask for the distribution channel and the options are Pharmacy, Clinic Spa… the other question is “How did they learn about us” and the options are: Social Media, Internet, friend… However If I check inside for example Social Media it said value Pharmacy. I try to fix and it change the values of the other question.

My site is

Please help, I’m almost done with this proyect

Thank you.


Hi Valentina,

When you add the options click the option, in this case Pharmacy and you can select the text, and what appears as the value.
Currently Pharmacy is set to Social Media. Screenshots attached.


Hope that helps!


Hi Mark, when I change for example Pharmacy to have text and value Pharmacy, when I go to the other question instead of Social Media it appears Pharmacy…

I’ve just seen what you mean. Appears it is a bug, sorry.
I seemed to get around this by:

Click symbol, edit one dropdown.

Exit the symbol, then go back in and edit the other dropdown. Seemed to work, hope it does for you too. If not then @cyberdave is the one to let him know.

Thank you Mark! I will try and if not I will contact

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Hi Markos,
It was a bug and is already fixed!

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