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Changing text size on scroll

Hello everyone

I want to understand how can you reduce the text size of a heading on scroll in interaction. Just like Webflow is doing in its website-

As you scroll down, the text Logo reduces its size and sticks to the top.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

here we go

Read Only

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Hey Stan, but I wanted the heading to shrink in size. I have set up the sticky part but I dont how to reduce font size. Any help on that?

Hi @Ankita_Gupta it is sticky and shrinking as you have asked. what else you need?


Oh, yes…I was checking in Webflow, didn’t use preview mode…This is what I needed…Thanks a ton

hi @Ankita_Gupta to see it in action you need to switch preview off and on each time you visit any read-only link. (this is WF issue)

CleanShot 2021-12-29 at 08.25.21

One more thing, to make the element shrink and stay aligned to left you need set transform origin as this setting is not visible in read only link (another WF issue)

If this helped you to create your design feel free to close your request as solved

Have a great day

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This solves my issue

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