Changing template and billing issue

Hi, I want to change the template on a site. However, I have paid a month in advance only 2 days ago. As there is no way to install a new template into an existing Webflow site - is there a way to transfer my site license to a new template I am setting up?

It’s very frustrating, I lose money for no reason because the system either was designed that way so that customers would be charged more or if it wasn’t intentional then it shows poor planning.

I really like Webflow, but I find a lack of flexibility in some areas very annoying. I had many more sites with Webflow, but I have moved many of these sites out because of the lack of flexibility. I wish didn’t need to do that.

Does anyone know if there is a solution. I have reached out to support hoping they can do something.

Thank you.

Support can transfer your hosting so that should resolve your issue.