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Changing something in Mobile, changes everything in web, which it shouldn't

Just made my web version beautiful, same with the pad version, then moved on to mobile, which I altered. And now my whole web version is all messed up!!!

This isn’t suppose to happen, so why does it happen? is the link of my website shared link

Hi! It’s because you have to understand how Webflow, and the whole “responsive-web-design” -thing works.

The “mobile version”, or the “pad” version, is not a separate version of your site, when you click on the “mobile version” of the site it therefore does not change into another version of the site… it just displays the site on a narrower “screen”. But you probably already knew that.

but what 'I think you could maybe learn, is that:
That will say that you can not add something to the mobile version, and then expect that it won’t change anything in the Desktop or pad version, because it (the mobile-version of your site) is as said not a separate version of your site, but simply your site shown on a smaller screen.
So if you move an element outside or inside another element, or otherwise changes the structure of the sites build, this will also affect how the site looks on a desktop computer.

And from what I can see from your earlier posts, and on your site now, it looks like that you could have been working in the mobile version of your site, and in there changed the structure of the site, like have moved around some elements or so, and therefore it will off course also affect the site, as its viewed on a desktop or laptop.

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Hope this can help you.


@Jonatan_Ronsholdt That was very helpful actually, that is not how I understood the tutorial videos. I thought if you worked backwards in the views than you shouldn’t mess up anything, even if you changed the elements. But now I just copied certain sections and set to certain views in the settings panel. So it’s solved now. Thanks for explaining. I appreciate it.

Glad that I could help :blush:

Best to you! :blush:
A very good looking site btw! :smiley: And looks like an interesting game! :smile:

@Jonatan_Ronsholdt Thanks bro, you are kind :D. Am working hard on it yeah.

U guys are awesome on webflow forum. So helpfull.

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