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Changing pointer style on links

Hi! Can anyone tell me how to change the pointer from an arrow to a hand over links in the website?

I have tried everything and can’t seem to find out where to do it!

Thanks so much!

Hi @mktgmeg,

The links in Webflow should automatically default to the “hand pointer” icon. :point_up_2:

Are your links showing the regular arrow icon instead? Please share an example if possible, and we’ll point you in the right direction. (No pun intended!)

Hi I’m not sure if you can see this but if you look at my page its all with the arrows. It doesn’t appear as if anything is changing when I am in design mode or preview mode. I am not sure if I missed a step or not to get this to work correctly.

thanks for your help!

Which browser are you using to load the Webflow editor?

Perhaps if you completely close the browser and restart it, that might reset the cursors. Otherwise, everything looks normal to me!