Changing old slugs from /*old-slug*/ to /*new_slug*/

Hi Webflowers!

Is there a limitation to changing current slugs to new slugs using underscore? Everytime i tried to do it, it automatically changes back to using hypens. Tried using the 301 redirect under hosting settings, but it says that the current file path is already in this project. Anyone knows how to solve this? thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Fitri,

I have not seen any Webflow paths with underscores, it’s likely just not a supported mechanic in slugs.

However as far as redirects go, you should be able to do that. If you want someone to have a look, you’d need to share your published site, and example URLs you’re trying to redirect from underscored versions.


Thanks for replying. This is the read only link: Webflow - BigFundr v3

so basically im trying to redirect /refer-a-friend to /refer_a_friend my client insists on changing it to underscore.

You mean your client insists that the final resulting URL is at /refer_a_friend?
Webflow doesn’t support that.

However if it’s important to your client, I can help with that by setting up a reverse proxy for the site, and remapping the pages, canonicals and sitemap.

Normally I do this to provide semantic path support, but it works just as well here.
Drop me a message if you’re interested.