Changing my webflow ecom site and using Ecwid

Hi webflowers.

I build a site last year using the webflow e-commerce

However because we can’t integrate any afterpay type solutions ( what a shame webflow ) the client has asked me to find him another solution. It would be a shame to have to move the site from webflow and onto something like shopify so have looked at using Ecwid and embedding the store into webflow.

Has anyone had any experience of doing this? Is it worth creating a duplicate of the site to do all this work on - eg. removing the webflow ecommerce and then transferring products over - i’m hoping a CSV file transfer will make that a little quicker than having to manually do the lot.

Delving into the unknown a bit here so any thoughts, tips, suggestions would be most welcome.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Alex.
Josh from Foxy here. For what it’s worth, we integrate with PayPal Credit and Klarna for credit options. Also, we support non-credit recurring payment options.

Foxy can be layered in to use your existing setup by simply adding a snippet of code:

Otherwise, you can move products to CMS. Once Foxy’s integrated, you’ll benefit from powerful ecommerce functionality, embeddable customer portal, coupons, discounts, taxes, shipping, etc: Webflow |

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Hi @foxy thanks for the reply - unfortunately they want quite a few of the credit options but for the next project have you guys in mind

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I’d go with Shopify, it’s a more robust option.

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Without dismissing the other options mentioned, Udesly to Woocommerce would be an option. If you want less functional requirements risk moving forward and reduced add on costs, go Woo over Shopify.

Had the same issue with webflow ecommerce, no suitable payment options for EU based clients.

To ‘convert’ the site I did had to create a new project, as per webflow support instructions. They then switched the plan from ecommerce to regular cms.

Guess it depends on the size of the site, but once ecommerce is activated there’s no way to undo it without recreating the site. A lot of elements can be copy/pasted between tabs, just open both projects, old and new one. Not sure if I had to recreate the styles manually or they also copy pasted.

It took me less time to recreate the site, then to figure out all the limitations once into webflow ecommerce.

Switched to Foxycart, works awesome, more code like in setup compared to webflow, but great customer support.

However it turned out too expensive and complicated for our needs so I recently switched to Ecwid, which currently offers most of what we need.

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