Changing link color on a nav bar

hi all! first of all apologies because I know this topic has been covered before - I was reading other topics about this and none of them have worked with my particular nav bar situation.

I have a sticky nav bar on the left hand side. can’t seem for the life of me to change the blue links into links of a different color - maybe that red, maybe a different highlight color. I’ve looked at the font colors for the div block, section, container, literally everything that encompasses it, and nothing seems to work although I’m sure it’s something pretty obvious since I’m a webflow newbie.

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Thanks so much!

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Hey Paige,

Have you tried changing the text styling on the actual link elements themselves?

You can just give one of them a class of something like ‘nav-link’ and style it directly, then apply that class to all of the links you want to have the same styling!

hmm, good idea, but it didn’t seem to work! no matter if I create new classes or new section or new links, it doesn’t let me change the link color. it says in the font color section that the color is “#a84347” but it still shows up as the default link blue. I tried that w/ the new class as you can see in the screenshot but it didn’t effect it…

Try styling the elements highlighted in the below image:

it worked!! thanks Mason - really appreciate it!