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Changing left margin container when cascading down


My name is Martin. I am an interaction and visual designer from Amsterdam. I am new to Webflow and I love it. Here’s my question.

I created a page with a left sidebar. The sidebar is not a column. It floats left on top of sections. The containers in the sections have a left margin equal to the width of the sidebar so the content is centred in the browser between sidebar and right side viewport. Make sense?

When cascading down one level, to portrait iPad, I decrease width of sidebar. When cascading down another level I drop the sidebar. In those cases the left margin of the containers must be 0 again. No sidebar. No offset margin to center the content. But Webflow says “Webflow automatically handles the container margins to make it fit different devices”. So I can’t change it.

How to approach this?


Hi Martin, it’s nice to meet you!

It seems like in your case you may not even need containers. Containers are usually used for standard layouts where the content is centered in the browser window (that’s why we manage the margins so it always equals “0 auto” or else it wouldn’t be a container anymore without these settings). Since you have a sidebar you won’t need a centered layout with containers. Check out the “tres” template as an example with a sidebar.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the feedback. That makes perfect sense!