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Changing image names

I uploaded some images long ago which had filenames that start with underscores (e.g., “_1000717.png”). Then recently I switched to a workflow using Brunch ( where by default files that start with underscores are ignored.

I could change the ignore rule, but I thought I’d change the filenames in Webflow instead. To my surprise, that seems to be impossible–even deleting and re-uploading the image with a different filename doesn’t work. I imagine it’s due to an optimization where the image is hashed, and the deletion doesn’t flush it out (or not very quickly), so on re-upload it hashes to the same bucket.

I guess the new asset manager I’ve read about will offer some workaround for this. Is there anything I can do before that is launched? Not critical, as I said earlier I can change the Brunch rules, but it’d be nicer not to have to do that.

@thunder - just fixed this. Now when you upload images of the same content with a different filename the filename will now update. Not the best workflow to edit image titles but will suffice until we come up with a better solution for overall asset management.



Agree re: asset manager, looking forward to that. But as a stopgap, thanks for the quick fix.

I am having a lot of trouble with this same problem today. Some of my images has spaces in the file name. These get encoded as %20 and IIS hates it, so I am trying to Re-Upload the images without spaces and it just will not take no matter what. In Asset explorer, the new name is in effect, but when you export, the filename on the images is wild with lots of random numbers, and the dreaded %20 (spaces). Cannot find out how to get rid of this.

Hi @Drennen

Have you also tried deleted the asset from the assets manager then uploading the new one?

  1. Download the image to desktop
  2. Rename the image to no spaces
  3. Delete image in asset manager
  4. Replace Faulty image with something Random
  5. Upload/Replace Random Image with renamed image
  6. Click image to download it again to desktop (test filename)
  7. Spaces still present in filename. Somehow webflow knows it was same image and refused to accept new filename.

Only workaround I have found is to resize the image or save with different compression which fools webflow. defiintely not what I want to do.

So looking at the webflow exports, everything with spaces is being double-encoded %2520 instead of %20. If I check my exports from a few days ago, everything is fine with normal %20. (i.e. campus%2520Kit%25202.jpg) from a file called “campus kit.jpg”

You just change this since yesterday morning?

The filename change thing is still a problem, but your double-encoding all my files with spaces just made that issue very apparent.