Changing hosting

Hello guys! I have a big question for you! I think 2 month ago I discover webflow and I’m hooked now! I am a web design freelancer, so from wordpress to webflow is a real game changer. I even finish 2 videos courses on udemy for webflow… and it is amazing.

But now… the main question is this. I’m from Italy. My website now is hosted on a provider called Next month I must renew the hosting and I’m not interested anymore. I wanna stick with webflow hosting like…forever:). But… it’s something I don’t understand. Right now I have 2 email addresses on that hosting. And 100% I must keep them! How I will to the change of hosting, and redo my email? I don’t wanna go to google for business to pay there too.

Maybe is something that I missed or I don’t understand about it.

Thank you guys