Changing height value in interaction setting based on breakpoint

Hi! I’m fairly new to Webflow but got an interaction to work where when the trigger is pressed some space and text expands beneath it.

My problem is that right now it works as my height for the text/space beneath it is set to for example 150 px when expanded and an initial state of 0 height.

The problem is that it leaves too little space when I go to different breakpoints and cuts of the text (some amount of text on smaller screen = need more height). So my question is; is there any solution for changing the value of the height in my interaction based on the breakpoint?


Can you use a height of “auto” and allow the content to dictate the height on all breakpoints? Or is a fixed pixel height required?

The problem is that for the lines i am using the borders of my div block so if I let it dictates there will be no padding between my text and the line.

Maybe it would be an idea to place a new div block between each text with a height of 1 and some margin and then put a border on it instead – would that be easier to work with?

Exactly! For an open/close interaction, important to not have any interfering styling on the parent. Instead, apply styling to an inner-div.

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