Changing Form Name on Form stops email sending


I’ve created a form on: my site here . If I leave the from name unchanged, and complete the form, the email notification comes through to me with the default name Webflow forms in the subject line. However when I change the form name to Bad Credit Mortgage Broker, I don’t receive the email.

Tested this several times, checked spam, junk, all email folders etc.

The form submission is visible on the forms tab inside my webflow dashboard. It just seems the emails aren’t being sent.



Hi Graham

I took a look at the logs from our email server and it appears your email provider is pre-blocking the messages because they are flagged as spam. Since they are blocking them, it means they never would even show up in your spam folder.

I tested the name myself, and on gmail I did receive the messages, so it may be your email provider has very strict email filtering rules.

The name “Bad Credit Mortgage Broker” is going to match a lot of spam filters like that - my suggestion would be to use a more generic name, or if it is an option, use a less restrictive email provider.

Let me know if I can do anything else to help!

Hi @nathan

I hadn’t considered that, thanks very much for investigating and your reply. I’ll change the name for something else.


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