Changing DNS records to point domain to Webflow without affecting email

I have a domain registered with noip(dot)com. I’ve also purchased a subscription to POP3 / IMAP Managed Mail on noip(dot)com.

noip(dot)com is used to redirect web traffic to my host, hostwinds(dot)com.

My domain,, currently points to a Wordpress website but I’d like it to point to a new Webflow website by changing the DNS records.

I understand that this might affect my email. How can I point my domain to the new site without affecting my email?

Thank you very much, any advice is much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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If you do it right, your email hosting won’t be affected.

Basically, some dns entries are used for web hosting and some are used for your mail hosting.
So as long as you don’t change or delete the settings that are needed for your mail you should be good.

Webflow created a video where they explain which DNS settings you have to delete before connecting your domain to webflow.
Basically you can delete the following entries:

  • all A records that have either @ or the domain itself as the name
  • all CNAME records that have www as the name

Here’s the video: