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Changing default slide in slider widget

Greetings, I require some help in customizing slider. I’d appreciate info, have no idea how to do it:

  1. How can I change the slider to load, for example, slide #2 by default?
  2. Is there a way to turn slider interactions off on some media-queries and turn on on others? (not just hiding buttons but also disabling touch and mouse swipes)

I’m trying to create such a thing:

There are three columns and I’d prefer them to stay side by side even if browser width is small but then especially on mobile layout text formatting is quite awful and unreadable.
So I’m trying to insert them into a slider and on Desktop-Tablet-P.Landscape it should remain centered (therefore it must load slide2 by default) and inactive so user doesn’t accidentally swipe it.
When switching to mobile portrait layout slider should become active so user could “center” any of the rows.

I suppose it’s not a usual solution and perhaps not an elegant one but it should work and I have no knowledge of jscript to implement other solution.
It’d help me a great deal if anyone could point out a solution.


Any help, please? I was trying to figure out by checking slider widget JS but not successfully, sadly. =|