Changing currency from USD to GBP on Webflow

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I’m from the UK and my client billing displays US Dollars. Is there a way to change the currency for client billing to Great British Pounds (GBP)?

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I don’t think this is possible in Webflow billing at the moment.

Hello webflow users,

I’m also having issues trying to change the currency of the ecommerce website layout.
In details, I have purchsed a paid ecommerce template from webflow’s templates and started adding my products into it. I realized after I have put all of my products that this template is using USD currency but I want to switch to another currency. When I go under ecommerce genaral tab to do that, I’m loosing all of the visula products.
Is there a way to fix that. I’ve been trying so hard with no solution.
Any ideas please?

Thanks so much!

I have this same issue.

You need to go through all the Products and click the arrow Right to the Save Button and select stage for Publish