Changing Contextual Panel ( Div?) on same screen, based on selection

Hi All,
I’m not sure if this been discussed before, I’ve tried to search the correct keyword for the same problem, but can’t find any.

I’m building a web-based image editing apps, Basically, it’ll serve like a “dashboard”

I was wondering if it’s possible to show specific “panel” inside the same screen that is related to specific button?

ie: when the user select on “template” button, the content on the “Contextual Panel” and the content of “editing tool bar” showing the content set for “templaet”.

while User select “Text Button” those 2 panel showing Text - related content.

*See Attachment

Thank in advance

D Jiang

Hi dicky, great to have you back here :smiley:

What about the Tabs widget? did you consider using it?

Hi @avivtech
Thank you !
Yes, indeed I haven’t thought about tab, thank you.
Now if only I can move the tab button somewhere else besides their default position ( top of the tab content ) :grinning:

I’ve tried to give the tab pane div ID , but it’s not how they work.

any idea ?


Absolutely possible:

Wanna share a read-only link?

Sure mana,
appreciate it, let me tidying up my kitchen first :grinning:


please …

  • I try put the tab on that cards thumbnail “tool context div” - but turn out I the content unable to scroll , I set the tab pane to “scroll”.



I think I found a work around now , I set the tab as flex horizontal.

thanks for the using tab ideas !



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