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Changing Collection List Items Class Independantly

I understand that I can add a color tag to differentiate the different collection items within the collection list.

What I’m having trouble with is changing the width and height of individual collection items within the collection list. When I change one collection item (Width + height), the rest of the collection items dimension changes.

I’m trying to re-create this page on webflow with CMS:

This page basically shows you different method required to perform based on specific “stages” of the process.

I hope I can get some help around designing that on Webflow!

I’m not very familiar with custom codes! I tried to understand some documentations from the community but I still have trouble understanding them :[

Hi Moses

In the example you have attached, item width and height are all the same. exactly like in webflow…

Thanks for getting back! The reference site have filters that allows content to be filtered. I’m interested in styling those filters on webflow and display contents based on those filters. I’m not sure how I should go about it!