Changing background gradient color


New to webflow, I’ve been following the ‘How to Build a Coming Soon Page Without Code’ tutorial,
around the 42:00 mark he’s changing the background gradient color (from white to transparent) by double-clicking the small arrow. I’ve been clicking that arrow for 15 minutes but for some reason I am not able to do so.

BTW, using chrome on ubuntu.

Any input would be appreciated.

works for me… not sure why you cannot

see video…

Thanks for the reply.

I noticed that you’re using safari. I’m using chrome, and tried both on ubuntu and windows 7 without success, clicking on that little color swatch does nothing.
Anybody able to change background gradient color on chrome? I am wondering if it is
a chrome issue, or something else.

check again. its chrome. not safari.

Hmm my bad… :grinning: You are using a Mac though.
Can anyone please chime in with chrome on windows/linux?

Much obliged!

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