Changing an Airtable string to a list in Webflow

Hey All!

As I approach the 30-field limit for a CMS collection (of parties/events) I’m trying to think of a smart way to bring data from Airtable into Webflow by only using one field. The data I want to bring across is the names of all the guests who have RSVPd to a party/event.

At the moment these names are in the form of a string (e.g. “Tom, Alexis, Anonymous, Benji, Anonymous, etc.”) in Airtable, and migrating that into Webflow leaves me with the same string - a string which I would like to display as a list e.g.

  • Tom
  • Alexis
  • Anonymous
  • Benji
  • Anonymous

Any ideas as to how I can re-format this field in the CMS (or in Airtable) to go from string to list are much appreciated!
I have already tried re-formatting the data in Airtable e.g. ("




etc.) however that didn’t work


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