Changing a font within a Plain Text field

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I have a live site which is needing a change to a product name. For the name, I’m using a specific font imported into Webflow called Big Noodle Titling. Cool font, but the ® is ginormous!

The product section is built using a CMS, where all product names are input via a Plain Text field.

I can’t replace the font, so I’m looking to do one of two things: Manually adjust the size of the ®, or replace the ® with another, less obnoxious font.

It doesn’t appear that either of the above two options can occur in a Plain Text field.

If anyone has a solution to this I would love to hear it. I’m stumped.

Image and link below

Thanks in advance


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@Steveio - Custom code is the only way to solve this problem. Using JavaScript you could target the element(s), then search for the mark, replace it with a span wrapped mark that has a class which is styled in a way that you wish.

Thanks @webdev . Where do I find that custom code? Or would that need to be written by a pro web guy?

Here is an example pen I created for you.

That’s awesome! Thanks for doing that, @webdev . Is this a fairly easy process to undertake? I have very limited programming experience regarding code. Can you recommend a video tutorial?

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@Steveio the codepen is the tutorial as I have commented the JavaScript. If you need help for your specific implementation you could enlist my help for a quick paid zoom session. Dm me if you are interested.

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Thanks @webdev . I’ll be jumping into that project next week. If I run into a wall, I will certainly take you up on the offer! Please let me know your session rate. Thanks again, Jeff.