Changes on htaccess after exporting code on Webflow

Hi there! I’m using an external hosting for my porjects so when we update a website we just unzip the file in the public_html section.

I have made some changes in the htaccess file and I wonder if the htacess file will be overwritten by that action.

The question I’m asking is if there is a htaccess file being created everytime you make the zip when you export or wether the htaccess file will remain the same because it will be not overwritten.

In the case that it will be overwritten, could you help me with and advice on what should I do not to loose the information ?

Hope that the question will be understood.

Seba from Argentina

That file is not part of zip payload since the export makes no assumption about your webserver. It is possible to look inside an archive before your extract it, just to be sure.

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