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Changes Mirroring Across Pages

Hey y’all,

I wasn’t sure how to even phrase this in a way to get the search results I needed, so forgive me if this is a simple fix and/or should have been posted somewhere else.

In order to save time, I built my Home Page and then copied that Page to create the About and Xbox Case Study Pages. But now when I make a change to the Header or Footer on one Page, it applies those changes across all three Pages. Similarly, changes made to the Header or Footer at Breakpoints seem to be applying to all Breakpoints, even those larger than the original.

My Libraries don’t show any Symbols having been created so I don’t think it’s that I somehow accidentally made my Header and Footer Containers into Symbols.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks so much,
Jeff Ellis

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To clarify, I’m not talking about changes such as adding Padding or Margins, which would normally be mirrored via Classes, but for example, when I add a Div Block to my Header Container, it adds that Div Block to that Container on every Page and at every Breakpoint.

hi @HeyJeffEllis I have checked your RO project and I’m not able replicate issue you are facing. All works as expected. Can you do video about your issue to clarify when this happen? I have add to any of your section extra div on home page and same element on About page is without extra div.

This behaviour you describing is characteristic to symbols but I do not see any symbols in your project.

I’ve started using Symbols more and more, as well as nested Symbols – really useful.
Check out

Hi @HeyJeffEllis please next time keep original request after first response untouched as its modification make responses irrelevant. Instead let discussion flow.

Thank you