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Changes made to desktop version not showing up in Tablet/Mobile

Hi Guys,
I made some changes to the header text but they only show up on the desktop version and not on mobile/tablet version.

You can take a look at both the versions from desktop and mobile and visibly see the difference;

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you share your read only link?

Hi Aaron,
Here is the read only link,

The thing is that you have customised the settings of certain elements in the other breakpoints so whenever you try to modify them in desktop view they wont change for this reason, you need to delete those customised settings in lower breakpoints so your desktop settings affect the other ones.

I created a small video to show you:

Hope this helps.

Hi Aaron,
Thankyou for looking into this, unfortunately the video does not work.

Can you please try again.

Try again, it was uploading.

Hi Aaron,
Thankyou for the helpful video, but infact i wanted to align the content below, right underneath the header;

Desktop Version: From seeding startup to mass market commercialization

Tablet: Digital transformation drives modern day evolution

Mobile Landscape: Transformation from debuting innovation to …operational readiness.

I made changes to desktop, but they did not get updated on Tablet or Mobile version. Do you think i made some customization error somewhere?



I see that you have different headers for the different breakpoints, I would suggest a couple of things:

  1. Give all the texts you want to ‘standardise’ the same class
  2. Make sure you don’t have special customisations for the different breakpoints

Hi Aaron,
Not quite sure if i understand that but i noticed,

Desktop version says inherited from “All Paragraphs” and so does on the Mobile version too.

You can understand a little bit more about classes here:

Hi Aaron,
Thankyou for the helpful video. But what i have here is that all of them have the same class name, “Paragraph 20”. Shouldnt they auto update the content from Desktop version to Mobile and tablet?