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Changes done doesn't apply to all platforms

Hi Guys,

I have made some text changes in the desktop view, but it doesn’t automatically apply to the rest of the platforms (tablet/iphone). Is there anyway to make the text changes apply to all at once? Appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hey @yutaki, could you share your read only link so we can check out the problem?



Hi Arthur,

Here’s the link to the website:

I’m also having problems with the sliding images in the home page. It works fine in desktop view, but not in the other devices.


The issue is that you have different sections which are set too appear on just the desktop/tablet/mobile sites. I dont know whether you built the site yourself but there is no cascading in your site because each element has a different class on different devices.

In terms of fixing the issue - you either have to rebuild the tablet and mobile sites from the ground up or go through and change all of the different style settings individually.

Hope this helps,