Changes doesn't apply to Max Mobile Portrait and Landscape breakpoint

Hello Experts,

I’m facing a weird problem in Webflow designer. On mobile Portrait and Landscape breakpoitnts whenever I try to change any style like font size, spacing, position etc, it doesn’t apply to the max canvas size which are 479 and 767 respectively. The styles apply for other sizes less than these sizes. For example, if I changes text size from 2 to 4 rem it won’t change at 479 and 767. But, any size smaller than these it will make the text size 4 rem. It happens for a certain chrome profile of mine. If I use another chrome profile, than everything works just fine. It’s happening after I tried Client’s First Fluid Responsive Generator. I tried uninstalling the Client First extension, but nothing seems working.

Please I need help to fix this issue.

Thank you so much for taking your time.