Changed main domain – lost all SEO juice !?

Hey, dear Webflow Community. I’ve been around since 2017 but had to open a new account here…

But I haven’t had this issue yet: I built my page up since 2013 and had a fairly good standing on the .de domain. This year I was able to purchase the .com why I simply added to Webflow as one more custom domain and set it to be the main domain.

Ever since, the traffic is declining. I thought Webflow would handle the redirects in the best possible way. But to be honest, I don’t know if that’s actually true.

When I curl’d a URL today, it seemed fine:

My questions:
1. Should I take the .de out of Webflow and create classic manual redirects?
2. Is there any other thing I forgot to do, to fully harness the SEO juice I had built up over 10 years?

Any hints are more than welcome!

kind regards
Tobi :sunny:

I am not a seo specialist. But as I see it, problem is not adding the “com” domain, but changing it to be the “default domain”. I believe thats like hosting the site on a completely different domain. And chancing a domain is always a bit risky concerning seo imho.

Redirects always seem to lose juice in my (limited) experience with google, search console and analytics…

YOu change the “de” back to be the default to save the remaining ranking?