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Change z-index of mobile navigation bg

How do I change the z-index of the mobile nav’s background? I’ve got some other stuff with higher z-indexes and it’s falling behind those, making it difficult to get to some nav links.

Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to make the background show up in front of descendants elements? I think Z-Index don’t work like that. Your elements have to be siblings – on the same level – to share a Z hierarchy.

Sorry, that may have been unclear. And I think I’ve already fixed it. I just wanted my mobile nav to show up in front of anything else on the screen, including other elements that already have a z-index set to show them in front of other elements (in my case, a sticky email opt-in form that sticks to the top of the screen as you scroll). I was having a problem where my menu was showing up behind the opt in sticky because it was set to position: relative, which doesn’t allow you to modify the z-index. I just changed the mobile menu to position: absolute and gave it a z-index of 999. Seems to have fixed the issue and changing the position from relative to absolute didn’t seem to break anything!