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Change URL String with a Link

Hey there
I have a two language page and i wan’t to change the string of the URL on click of a Link.
One link have to change the URL to http…/de/… and another link that have to change the URL to http…/en/…
So the link have to be exactly the same in front and after the language code (en/de).
I only wan’t to change a section of the link.

Have anyone an idea?

Hey @mark_artos,

Most of the time when you do a multilanguage site you need to create a folder for each language.
Like so :slight_smile:

This is what is structuring your futur links.
Here in my example, the French url of the page PSL is
and the english version is
What can come after for you if when you deal with a collection page for example.
If you want to keep the url the same, you need to use the same collection for both languages you use.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your replay.
All of this i have allready.
I have a home site witch redirects the user to his system language page if there is one.
if not it opens the standard site (de).
I have the hole site complete 2 times. one in the folder en and one in the folder de.
in the menu section i have a language navigation. now i want to change the url from every site only by the folder names like en or de because i wan’t the language navi only one time.
The problem is i have inside the folders for the language more folders. so the url is maybe …/de/schloss/ or …/en/schloss/ and i wan’t to change only the two letters de to en.
so i’ve you stay on the de site everywhere and you click on english the same site opens up in englisch (not redirected to home).

so i need a javascript that checks the url and change to letters inside the url when open another site.

i hope you now what i mean.

here is the link to the site and some images:

I’m not sure i’ve understood everything but i have an answer for your final question.
If you want to switch to the same page but in another language, you can do it only with static pages (not on Collection pages).
You just need to not use symbols and change the redirection of your English link for example to the same page in the other language concerned.
From my understanding you can’t do it with Collection pages.
Hope this helps.

Collection Pages are not the problem.
I wan’t do it in a symbol.
I think i have to do it with a code in the settings an then in the symbol with a html embed code link.
but i can’t find any useful code snippet.

it’s not e webflow thing. i have to do it with javascript/jquery

I need something like this:

But i have two separate links not only one that changes the name. So it can be mutch simpler.
Click here change the url to …/en/home
Click there change the url to …/de/home

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Any news on this topic ?
A simple way to change the page language via a symbol to avoid doing page per page linking between languages. @mark_artos Have you found a solution ?
Thanks !

Hi there, I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution for this?

Hey Mark_artos how did you ended solving your issue?

I see the website is live and has a language switcher for EN and DE. - How the language switcher works? Just a link to the other page language?

What else did you did to build the multilingual site, I see you have a folder for EN and DE.

Did you add any scripts or hreflang tags for SEO?