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Change the posted value of checkbox in "Additional Fields" in checkout


So once again I get the standard generic answer from support that I get in many of my requests and feedback on basic things that should just simply work. “At the moment it is not possible… bla bla bla”

So I have added the additional field in the checkout on eCommerce and using the checkbox field as a “I accept our terms and policy”-feature. Now the customer and website I’m building is Swedish and believe me or not but the customer is a supplier of food to the Royal Swedish Family amongst other things.

They are very keen on making sure everything in their order flow is Swedish so they are pretty upset that the checkbox value returns a “Yes” or “No” on the order confirmation.

I have tried using JavaScript to alter the value but that doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to manage this? I have this idea of adding a separate regular checkbox where the “Process Payment” button will be disabled if the the checkbox isn’t checked.

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