Change the interaction on a button within a div

I’m working within a template and I want the button within a div to be showing as the image slides in, but I can’t get it to show the whole time, only when rolled over. It’s the section under ‘commonly treated hand and wrist conditions’.

Hey Tanya!

So the cards all have a hover interaction attached to them. Click each card and if you see that green lightning icon on either of the Work Card Info block or the Button Div block (some have the green icon on both. Others just one or the other.) then click the interactions tab on the top right and click the trash can icon on each of the Mouse Hover interactions.

Thank you so much!
I did that and only one keeps the button visible now- the Tendonitis button. That one is behaving exactly as I want now. I checked the Work Card and Button Div for those symbols. Any ideas?

The Work Card Info div still has the interaction attached. On all of the other cards. For some reason, the same interaction was applied to the wrapper as well as the inside div.


So Just delete the interaction on those elements as well and it should be all set.

Ah, I couldn’t see the interaction icon when I’d click on it but I see it on the wrapper in the navigator— now I got it! That worked, thank you so much for your help! Really appreciate it!

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No problem! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

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