Change text link size in the navbar on scroll

Hey folks!

I want to understand how I can change the size of the text link elements in the sticky navbar as soon as I start scrolling the page.

I followed the instructions in this thread; however, for some reason, the text link elements stay the same size despite changing the scale.

Here is the read-only link to my project.

I’d be grateful for any help!

hi @krystianzun what part after studying my example you have problem to understand? I do not know what element you trying to change as I do not see any action assigned to any element.

I will recommend open example in one window and in second open new project and recreate it.

  • Hey @Stan! I believe while writing the initial post, I encountered a bug. When I tried applying the scale in the interaction panel, certain elements weren’t reacting and previewing as scaled. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

My issue is solved.