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Change text colour on slide through Interactions


On the slider at the top of the page, I would like the word ‘Marketing’ on the final slide to change from white to black after a short delay. I have added this in Interactions with a scroll trigger but can’t figure out how this can happen automatically with it sliding into view?

Thanks very much,


Hi @sparky, thanks for the great question.

Here is one method you can use, remember to disable the legacy interaction on the slide, and adjust your timings for the slide autoplay and interactions as needed/desired:


I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much Dave! This is absolutely perfect.

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Sorry Dave. This worked absolutely perfectly when I followed your instructions. However, I worked on other parts of the site and then noticed it was no longer working. I repeated the steps from scratch and for some reason it still doesn’t work. When I preview through interactions it works as it should but when published or previews nothing happens.

When you get a moment would you mind taking a quick look and seeing what I have missed?

Thanks very much.

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