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Change text according to drop-down selection

Hi there guys,

Basically I have an event every Friday here in Dubai for brunches.

The price of the packages is the same Every Friday. And people can select the date they are booking for and then they can select each package: non-alcohol, house beverage and champagne package.

But this year we are doing a Christmas special brunch the 25th December and I’ll need to change the prices on the packages when people select Christmas as they day they want to book for.

As a reference:

Normal prices every friday:

  • Non Alcohol: 325 AED
  • House: 375 AED
  • Bubbles (champagne): 425 AED

Prices for Christmas Brunhc 25th December:

Non-Alcohol: 350 AED
Bubbles (champagne): 450 AED

So there will be NO house beverage option.

Whats the best way to do this and change those options at least in text when they select 25th december in the dropdown?

Those are the texts i’ll need to change.

Below the read only link, you will find the booking form under “Book Now” in the navigation bar.


Read only:

Anyone wearing a hero cape by any chance? :grin:

guys? Anyone that might be able to have a solution for this?


Hi, it’s going to be a pure JS solution here, not something Webflow can help with. It happens sometimes but getting answers for a complete custom code request here is not very frequent. Any code related forum can help you on this as well, although once again when it’s just a request for code, not helping with already crafted code, it’s rare to have answers.

You can request for developer assistance in the Freelance category.